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Internet Child Exploitation – A Research Study Report (2013)

The report contains findings from the Internet Child Exploitation research study done within the scope of the Prevention of Child Exploitation in South East Europe – Internet Child Exploitation project. It deals with the phenomenon of child abuse by means of information and communication technologies (ICT), esp. computers, mobile phones and the Internet.

Besides data on how do relevant institutions, authorities and services involved with children in the Republic of Serbia and APV approach the issue of child abuse by means of ICTs, the report contains the position of both children and parents form secondary and high schools in APV concerning this phenomenon. The position of experts in children’s issues from relevant educational, welfare, healthcare and security state institutions and services, as well as those from civil society organizations (CSOs), is also to be found in the report.

There are two special parts of the report: one with the data obtained from the Internet and mobile telephone services providers in the Republic of Serbia, and another with the analysis of Serbian media reporting about ICT-based child abuse in 2012. The report ends with conclusions and recommendations of the the steps that relevant social actors – institutions, services and organizations alike – need to undertake within their jurisdiction and authority in order to decrease the incidence and prevent the occurrence of ICT-based child abuse in APV and the Republic of Serbia. 

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