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Meeting with the Deputy Head of OSCE Mission to Serbia

Majkl Ujhera 620x400Aniko Muskinja Heinrich, the Provincial Omudswoman and her Gender Equality Deputy Danica Todorov talked to Mr. Michael Uyehara, the Deputy Head of  OSCE Mission  to Serbia in Novi Sad today.

Mr. Uyehara was interested in the process of adoption of the new Gender Equality Law in Serbia and the situation in the field of gender equality in Vojvodina. A special topic of interest was whether the National Minority Councils have recognized the significance of this issue in their work.

Aniko Muskinja Heinrich expressed her hope that the collaboration of the Provincial Protector of Citizens - Ombudsman institution and the OSCE Mission to Serbia will continue and even intensify in the future.

Michael Uyehara was one of the attendees of the debate on the new Gender Equality Law model.