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Projects 2014

The Provincial Protector of Citizens – Ombudsman is currently a project partner with three multi-country biannual projects implemented by civil society organizations, all of them funded by EU. One of them is in the National Minority Protection Department and concerns Roma mediation addressing human rights issues before the executive authorities. The second is in the Children’s Rights Protection Department and concerns educating high school students on human rights and minority issues in innovative ways (e.g. theatre workshops, shooting movies, an online competition in a human rights Facebook-based game, speakers’ corners on public events, etc). The third project is in the field of democracy and media freedoms and concerns issues such as rule of law, freedom od speech and corruption.

This international project, supported by the EC Lifelong Learning Program, is implemented with the Work in Progress (Serb. Radovi u toku) civil society organization from Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia. The project implementation will provide for empowerment of Roma mediators to facilitate reaching a higher degree of human rights exercise, protection and promotion with the Roma living in the project countries (Spain, Italy, Belgium, Romania and Serbia).

Key project activities are analysis of the existing legal framework and practice concerning Roma mediation and publication of findings, experience exchange among project countries concerning the work of Roma mediators, development and implementation of an online Roma mediators’ education program that would provide for community leaders in the respective countries able to train other people in mediation between the Roma and relevant institutions, aka mechanisms in charge of human rights exercise, protection and promotion in the following four fields: education, employment, healthcare and housing. 

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This international project, supported by the EIDHR Program of the EU Delegation in Serbia, is implemented with the Novi Sad Students’ Cultural Center. Based on the positive experience from the Dawn of Human Rights project, another multi-country project dealing with human rights and youth in Europe, ARRA aims for contributing to decrease and ultimately elimination of human rights and freedoms violations, as well as to increasing the degree of inclusion and pluralism in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (APV). It will do so by strengthening the capacities of the duty-bearers on one and the right-bearers on the other side to implement international and national regulations concerning human rights on the territory of the APV.

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The project is implemented with the Radio 021 from Novi Sad and with the financial support of the EU Delegation in Serbia. Its aim is to start a public debate in the APV media on the rule of law and democratization, media freedom, as well as fighting corruption. The project activities include production of investigative radio and TV shows, posting relevant online media contents, public debates all over APV and a major publicity campaign with the media. 

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