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Provincial Ombudsman at the Conference on Women with Experience of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Conference 2016/12/22The Provincial Protector of Citizens - Ombudsman, Prof. Zoran Pavlović, SJD, addressed the participants of the 'Trauma and Healing - Treatment of Psychological Consequences for Women and Girls with the Experience of Domestic and Sexual Violence' held at the Rectorate building of the Novi Sad University yesterday.

The conference was one of the activities of the Provincial Secreatariat for Healthcare within the frame of the 'Stop - Care - Cure - A Stronger Institutional Response to gender-based violence in the AP of Vojvodina' project. The event was a chance to present the results of the first year of project implementation, as well as for experience-sharing among the representatives of institutions and civil society organizations in AP of Vojvodina concerning treatment of psychological consequences of trauma with women and girls with experience of gender-based violence.

Besides the conference host, Ivanka Savić, MD, Deputy Provincial Secretary for Healthcare and Coordinator of the 'Stop - Care - Cure' project, and Prof. Pavlović, in the capacity of the head of the institution coordinating the Life Without Violence Network for 11 years back, some of the conference presenters were also Gordana Stevanović, Children's Rights and Gender Equality Deputy to the Serbian Ombudsman, Svetlana Ivanović Kovačević, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Psychiatry Clinic of the Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Prof. Vesna Petrović, PhD, President of the Serbian Integrative Psychotherapy Association, representatives of civil society organizations providing support to women in situations of violence Biljana Stepanov and Radoslava Aralica, Milena Golubski, MD, from the Novi Sad Primary Healthcare Center, as well as Milica Džino, the Coordinator of the Children's and Youth Center with the Novi Sad Welfare Center and Nada Padejski, MD, the Coordinator of the Safehouse with the latter Welfare Center.