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Law School Students of the University of Novi Sad Attending a Training with the Provincial Ombudsman

Prof. Zoran S. Pavlović, the Provincial Protector of Citizens - Ombudsman, welcomed the junior, aka 3rd year students of the Univeristy of Novi Sad Law School to attend a training with the Provincial Ombudsman insititution over the course of the next two weeks.


Such an on-site training, aimed at getting introduced with the operation of the Provincial Ombudsman, namely its legal framework, jurisdiction and proceedings concerning handling citizens' complaints, as well as other activities aimed at human rights protection and promotion, have been implemented within the scope of the Administrative Law Course and along the lines of the Protocol of Cooperation from 2013. This Protocol, signed by the Provincial Ombudsman and the Law School provides students to acquire new and test their existing theoretical knowledge  and practical skills from courses taught in the Public Law Department of their School.

During their three-day on-site training aimed at getting introduced to practicalities and proceedings of handling citizens' complaints, the students will have an opportunity to observe the Provincial Ombudsman employees' client work, with whom they will also analyze and discuss the most typical case studies of the most frequent complaints in various fields of the institution's juridiction.