Deputy Ombudswoman Training Roma Mediators

2015/07/28 Eva VukasinovicOn 28 July, Novi Sad was the venue of the third module of the VET4 Mediation with Roma intercultural mediators' training concerning healthcare, housing, employment and education. Around 20 intercultural mediators took part in the training and had a chance to talk to Eva Vukasinovic, National Minorities Protection Deputy Ombudswoman to the Provicinsial Protector of Citizens - Ombudsman (PPCO) and learn more about the jurisdiction and work of this institution. Deputy Vukasinovic introduced them to the ways and proceedings they can utilize the ombudsman human rights protection mechanism, esp. as related to housing issues.

The intercultural mediators' training is a part of the international VET4 Mediation with Roma project supported by the Lifelong Learning programme of the European Commission and implemented in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Romania and Serbia. The PPCO supported this project, along with the Roma Inclusion Office of the Vojvodina Government, the PGF instrument, Open Society Foundation and the Know-How Center from Novi Sad.

2015/07/28The project aims at promoting mediation and mediators' empowerment, as well as that of Roma women and men, through training and issuing a mediator's certificate in order to instigate engagement of intercultural mediators in local communities, esp. in those with a significant proportion of Roma population.